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  • What is the procedure when I need to turn out from a rodeo?
    When a contestant has to turn out from a rodeo, we ask that you contact the entry line number for the rodeo in which you are turning out of. The MRA does not have a central entry number at this time so it is important to reach out to the individual entry secretaries regarding this.
  • Is there a minimum age requirement to enter an MRA rodeo?
    There is not an age requirement in the MRA. We also offer the opportunity for a MNHSRA/NLBRA permit to be purchased for $50 while still having full MRA membership status.
  • How often are results posted?
    Results are updated once received by the MRA secretary.
  • What is the deadline to purchase an MRA membership?
    We now offer two different means of applying for an MRA membership. 1) Mail in applications must be postmarked by the Monday prior to the rodeo in order for your points to count. 2) Members can purchase their membership via online with the membership application which has to be time stamped before or at the exact start time of the rodeo performance or slack that they are entered at.
  • Where do I find results for a rodeo?
    Rodeo results are posted in the schedule once results are received. Schedule/day Sheets | Minnesota Rodeo Association (
  • What form of payment are rodeo entries?
    Checks will not be accepted for entry fees, unless approved by the rodeo secretary and contractor. Please bring cash for your fees.
  • Where do I find the current standings?
    Current Standings are listed in the subpage "Year End Standings" under the Rodeo page. Year End Standings | Minnesota Rodeo Association (

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