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2023 MRA Rule Book

2023 MRA Ground Rules - 

  • Stock Contractors must have one (1) first approved rodeo to be eligible for MRA Finals.

  • To compete at Finals, contestants must enter and compete at a minimum of one (1) first sanctioned MRA rodeo.  In order for a Rodeo to be counted as one of the contested MRA first sanctioned rodeos, the contestant card must be purchased before competing at that rodeo.

Rule Change Effective 6/13/2023 -
  • If the calf is dragged over 6 feet and less than 10 feet, the contestant will pay a fine of $25. If the calf is dragged more than 10 feet, the contestant will be disqualified will result in a $100.00 fine per infraction.
Rule Change Effective 6/27/2023 - 
  • When entering a rodeo, a first and second preference must be given.  If a performance is at full status a draw will occur for that performance with MRA card holders given priority.  If a contestant's preference is unavailable, they will be moved to their second preference.  If that is also full the contestant will be moved to an open position in a performance or slack or the contestant will have the option to draw out if they did not get their first preference.

Major Update this Season

Jerk Down Rule - 

Jerk Down will be defined as bringing the animal over backwards between 10 and 2, landing on its head, neck, or spine with all four feet in the air. At a two-judged rodeo if the field flagger is in doubt, he may confer with the line judge and if the line judge is not definitive there is not a jerk down violation. 


The fine will be $50 each occurrence. 

Physical Rule Books

New this season, we will not be mailing rule books out to all members.  If you would like a paper copy of the rule book, you can either print it from the link above or reach out to the MRA Secretary to request a copy.  

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