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2023 MRA Rule Book

2023 MRA Ground Rules - 

  • Stock Contractors must have one (1) first approved rodeo to be eligible for MRA Finals.

  • To compete at Finals, contestants must enter and compete at a minimum of one (1) first sanctioned MRA rodeo.  In order for a Rodeo to be counted as one of the contested MRA first sanctioned rodeos, the contestant card must be purchased before competing at that rodeo.


Major Update this Season

Jerk Down Rule - 

Jerk Down will be defined as bringing the animal over backwards between 10 and 2, landing on its head, neck, or spine with all four feet in the air. At a two-judged rodeo if the field flagger is in doubt, he may confer with the line judge and if the line judge is not definitive there is not a jerk down violation. 


The fine will be $50 each occurrence. 

Physical Rule Books

New this season, we will not be mailing rule books out to all members.  If you would like a paper copy of the rule book, you can either print it from the link above or reach out to the MRA Secretary to request a copy.  

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