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February 2024 Meeting Highlights

  • We are gearing up for the 2024 season and memberships are starting to roll in!

  • Time to be searching for sponsorships and we would like for all event sponsorships to be secured by June 1st so that awards can all be ordered and in on time for the 2024 finals.

  • Jacket order update: Jackets are still on track to be received by the jacket company on Feb 15th (since they were back ordered) to be customized so that they can then be shipped to the MRA.  They will then be shipped out from the MRA to those who ordered them asap.

  • Discussion was held regarding all of the information and suggestions that were received from the MN and WI fair conventions and we will be looking into these and ways to help the MRA grow.

  • The Rice Lake MRA sanctioned rodeo is having a hard time finding pick up men to work the event.... If you know of anyone willing/able to do so please contact Stephanie and let her know!

  • A co-approval agreement has been reached with the IPRA and they have sent over a contract which will be mailed out to them tomorrow as we are hoping to again partner with the Rice Rodeo Co for the 2024 season.

  • Discussion was held on possibly having a spring membership drive rodeo. If members are interested in this we would love input and help with putting this on!

  • Rodeo approval : The board approved the Iowa Horse Fair Rodeo by Rouge Rodeo which will be March 22nd and 23rd. Information for this rodeo has been added to the schedule tab of our website.

  • Our next meeting will be March 12th 2024.

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