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July Meeting Highlights

  • Rules and Bylaws

    • This new rule was passed unanimously at the last meeting and is currently in effect:

      • When entering a rodeo, a first and second preference must be given. If a performance is at full status a draw will occur for that performance with MRA card holders given priority. If a contestant's preference is unavailable, they will be moved to their second preference. If that is also full the contestant will be moved to an open position in a performance or slack or the contestant will have the option to draw out if they did not get their first preference.

    • Barrel Racing Rule Change:

      • The arena must be drag or work worked after 8 contestants competed. Rodeo management or judges may work the ground after fewer than 8 racers have run but no more than 8 racers. The ground in slack will be worked after the equivalent number of contestants as done for a performance. Drag or work the arena prior to barrel racing slack.

  • New Business

    • Central Entry system seems to be working rather well. We will continue to phase rodeos onto this system. Please watch the entry information tabs as well as our Facebook page for more details on entry changes.

      • Online entries open Friday Mornings

      • Call in's Monday evening from 5pm - 9pm

      • Call backs Tuesday evening from 4pm - 7pm

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