Updated: Nov 16

With the start of a new rodeo season, we are making a few changes. The first of those changes is that you will now be able to find highlights from each meeting right here on our website. Courtney Otto made a motion to post highlights of each meeting to the website so that members have the ability to look back at them at any time. This motion was seconded by Jeff Thurlow and passed.

Here are the highlights from our November 15th, 2022 meeting.

  • $1,995 was raised from the silent auction held at the 2022 MRA Finals. Here is the breakdown of where that money was allocated to:

  • Steer Wrestling - $70

  • Breakaway - $165

  • Barrels - $230

  • General - $420

  • Tie Down - $270

  • O40 - $410

  • Mixed - $400

  • Team Roping - $30

  • Jeff Thurlow made a motion to accept bids for the follow positions and this was seconded by David Slipka. Motion passed:

  • Points Secretary - Carm Schneider

  • Secretary/Treasurer - Kendra Peterson and Stephanie MacKissock will be sharing this role.

  • Sarah Rose made a motion and it was seconded by Travis Skinner to change the MRA address to Stephanie's address since Kari is stepping down.

  • Courtney Otto made a motion to add Kendra and Stephanie to the bank accounts. This motion was seconded by David Slipka.

  • We are starting to plan for the 2023 rodeo season and looking at venue options for the 2023 MRA Finals.

  • Emit Valnes nominated Dakota Locken as the new Vice President. Travis Skinner made a motion which was seconded by Ty Jurgenson. Motion passed.

  • Emit Valnes nominated Ty Jurgenson as the new Finals Director. Dakota Locken made a motion which was seconded by Jolene Loiseau. Motion passed.

  • The board voted unanimously to change the Contestant Membership from $150 with raffle tickets to $135 without tickets. Emails will be sent out to members to discuss their options on this $15 price change for those who have already purchased a 2023 Contestant Membership.

  • We will be changing the wording on the 2023 Membership Application Forms from saying MN High School Rodeo to National High School Rodeo since we do honor the discounted rates for all High School Rodeo members. You will still need to provide proof of membership to receive the discounted rate.

  • Discussion was held on how many 1st Approved rodeos need to be attended for the 2023 season. Travis Skinner made a motion that only one 1st approved MRA rodeo must be attended to attend the finals, Dakota Locken seconded the motion. This motion was passed.

Rodeo Approval

  • Medford Rodeo - Rice Bull Riding Company

  • June 9th & 10th in Medford, WI

  • For more details go check out the Schedule page.

Next meeting date is Tuesday, December 20th @ 7:30pm

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